OnGuard 8026 Rottweiler 100cm x 20mm Key Cable Lock

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Barcode: 768661280260

  • 3ft 3in (3'3") x 0.79" / 100cm x 20mm
  • OnGuard security rating of 48/100
  • X2 double bolt locking mechanism provides high pull resistance
  • The user friendly, pick, pull, and drill resistant OnGuard Z-Key cylinder features BumpBlok, offering optimum deterrent against physical attack
  • Includes 5 Laser cut keys (1 Micro-Light and 4 extra grip keys)
    Micro-Light key projects a bright white beam
  • All-round cut-protected locking insert
  • 20mm (0.79") twisted steel cable protected by hardened steel links
  • Tough protective vinyl cable cover
  • Automatic dust cover protects cylinder
  • Protective coating on the integrated locking mechanism
*Does not include mounting bracket*

Customer Reviews

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Mark Escalera
great lock especially for the price...I just wish.......

super tough and thicker than a standard bolt cutter opens. its very heavy but I only use it when im going to be a decent distance or time away from the bike. im giving it 4 stars because a lock this long thick and heavy should have a designated carrying bracket for the bike. its to stiff to wrap around something snug enough that its not bouncing or banging on the frame. I have to use a rack bag to carry it. the onguard mount on the market is only for the U locks. if they offered a Rottweiler lock mount I would be the first in line.