Crank Brothers Eggbeater 1 Clipless Pedals
Eggbeater Pedals: Four sided entry & Lightest Series (Easier entry and CB lightest pedal series) Includes Crank Brother's...
Crank Brothers Candy 1 Clipless Pedals
Flat Pedal Feel Spindle Material: Forged SCM435 chromoly steel Body Material: One piece composite Wing Material: Stamped steel...
Crank Brothers Candy 7 Clipless Pedals
Spindle Material: forged scm 435 chromoly steel Hex alloy endcap and bash guard 4 sided entry / Superior...
Crank Brothers Doubleshot Clipless Pedals
Half flat platform / half clip-in platform pedal Spindle material: Forged scm 435 chromoly steel Body material: A380...
Crank Brothers Mallet E Enduro Clipless Pedals
2016 Design & Innovation award winner. Complete Left & Right Pedal set with Cleats & mounting hardware 6...
MKS Half Toe Clips
Chrome Plated Steel Hardware included Strapless design Made In Japan One size [Approximately: 53mm X 55mm] 26mm Center...
Minimal profile: 16mm thin 10 adjustable pins per side for grip providing a secure foothold Premium bearings &...
Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 Clipless Pedals
Spindle material: Titanium Body material: Titanium Wing material: Titanium Spring material: Titanium Release angle: 15?ø / 20?ø Q-factor:...
Resilient Nylon Composite Body Steel replaceable pins Fully sealed Serviceable and rebuild-able?ÿ Smooth and durable sealed bearing and...
Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Clipless Pedals
6 adjustable pins per side for grip 4 sided entry / superior mud shedding Spindle Material: forged scm...
Crank Brothers Pedal Refresh Kit
Compatable with Eggbeater / Candy / Mallet / 5050 (Model Year 2010 and Newer) Enduro cartridge bearings Igus...
Choose from SILVER or BLACK color outer cage Complete left & right pedal set Polished?ÿsilver?ÿbody Made by craftsmen...
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