Take-a-Look Compact Version Visor Mount Eyeglass Mirror

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Barcode: 651810030000

  • Mounts on eyeglasses
  • Three pivot points for total adjust-ability.
  • Wide field of vision.
  • Durable stainless steel and brass frame with an optically correct acrylic mirror.
  • Overall Length: 87mm (shorter than the Original)
  • Mirror Dimensions: 37mm x 17mm.
  • Published Weight: Only 7-grams.
  • Made in the USA by Bike Peddler.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ron Miller

Used on different glasses so for…not a helmet yet. Gives me a clear view quickly, and allows less worry and provides extra confidence in traffic, especially on sketchy pavement.

Joseph Tormos

Quality of product is superb. There are numerous options on how to use mirror. Great safety device. I use it in conjuction with the Varia Radar Rear Light since I was rear-ended by a car. I can mount mine on Giro Vanquish Visor.

David Doughty

I had been looking forever for the compact version of this mirror I had to reorder a backup. Glad I found you.

Ken Garcia

Works great. Probably will never ride without one again. Stays firmly in place

craig Anderson

I like the mirror. I tend to hit it on things when I have it on and I’m not on the bike. I have to readjust it every ride but that’s not hard.