Take-a-Look Original Size Visor Mount Eyeglass Mirror

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  • Can be attached to either eye glasses or helmet visor
  • Frame-less acrylic mirror provides wide uninterrupted field of vision
  • Mirror surface measures 1 - 7/16" x 1- 1/16"
  • Mirror face adjusts by rotating it 90deg from the wire
  • Fore and aft rotations offer fine-angle adjustments
  • Three-point attachment system adjusts for a secure fit without vibration
  • Made in the USA by Bike Peddler.
  • Longer than the Compact version

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jerry Leonardi

This mirror works very well. It is light-weight yet secure, and is quite easy to adjust. I really appreciate being able to easily keep an eye out for traffic coming up behind me.

Jim Daniel

I love this when I ride my Vintage bike ( I do not hook up ANY modern gadgets on it) but it does not attache well on my sunglasses, the Temples bar ir a bit too thick for these

Alvin Yoshinaga

This excellent product is by far the best eyeglass mirror I have owned. It is well designed, well made, very durable (I have lost some, but never worn any out) easy to use and adjust. It fits on either the right or left side of eyeglass frames, works nearly as well in drive-on-the-left countries as in drive-on-the-right countries.

In years of use, I have observed only two, minor, disadvantages: One is that they usually need a little adjustment when I put them on (easy), unlike some other mirrors that can be adjusted permanently. The other is that they do not sit well on very thin circular earpieces; they do work well on very thin flat earpieces. Like any other eyeglass mirror, their angle of view to the rear is limited.

MLOU Wallis

I love this little mirror. It gives a far better glance back than my handlebar mirror. It is very secure, doesn’t vibrate and is easy to take off and on if I want to put my glasses in their case.

Martin Frankel

Work Great. Easy to loose. Rubber tips come off. There are a few negatives but the good out weighs the bad.