Panaracer Tourguard Plus 700c Reflective Tire

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Size: 700x25
Quantity: Single

Barcode: 4931253011740

  • Fast Rolling Grooved slick design
  • Tough Lock EXTRA THICK tire protection belt
  • PLUS New Thicker Tread Compound
  • PLUS FULL Bead to Bead Puncture resistant protection (Protects Sidewalls too)
  • Reflective Sidewalls for Nightime Safety
  • Front or Rear application
  • Wire Bead
  • You Choose Width and amount

One of the TOUGHEST tires on the street!

The Tourguard Plus is a super reliable urban or touring tire. It sports a complete bead to bead puncture protection breaker for extra tough puncture resistance. PLUS, the tread is thicker to resist punctures and last longer. Offered with reflective sidewalls for extra nighttime cycling safety. Excellent wet weather tread.