Pedro's Enduro 4oz Chain Lubricant - Single

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Barcode: 790983296124

  • Premium Wet Lube
  • Extreme lasting performance with less mess in mixed to wet conditions
  • Elevates effiency
  • Runs quiet
  • Reduces wear
  • Fully waterproof
  • Safe plant-based ingrediants
  • Size: 4oz Bottle

How To Get The Best Results From CleanTech Lubes:

  1. Apply to clean chain 10 minutes before riding.* Store and apply lube between 50 and100 degrees F.**
  2. Shake bottle well before applying.
  3. Apply liberally to rollers of chain while backpedaling. If applying to a dirty chain, wipe well immediately after first application, and then apply a second time.
  4. Cycle chain for 15-20 seconds to distribute lube, then wait 5-10 minutes. CleanTech lubes use an alcohol carrier which delivers the lubricant package and then quickly evaporates.
  5. For maximum cleanliness, wipe any remaining excess lube.