Park Tool TS-25 Repair Stand Mounted Wheel Truing Stand

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Barcode: 763477008282

  • Fits PRS-25 and PCS-10 Repair Stands.
  • Not compatible with the PCS-10.2 Repair Stand.
  • Will also fit PCS-1 (post 1996) and PCS-4-1, PCS-4-2, and PCS-4 Repair Stands when used with the adjustable height extension
  • For thru axle hubs, it is necessary to also use the TS-TA Thru Axle Adaptor to take the place of the quick-release skewer.

    Small, lightweight, and accurate, the TS-25 Truing Stand securely holds any wheel using a quick-release or threaded axle and adjusts for any wheel diameter and rim width. Installs and removes quickly and easily.