Panaracer RibMo PT 700c Folding Tire

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Size: 700x23
Quantity: Single

Choose from: 700x23, 700x25, 700x28, 700x32,700x35

Available in Single or Value 2-Pack

 RiBMo PT features a Protec puncture resistance technology: delivering 2X the puncture resistance of Kevlar belted technology. That, along with 800D poly mode cord, which has 2X the strength of traditional tire cord, makes for a very durable urban tire.

  • All Black Tire
  • 23mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 35mm ISO Width
  • 622mm ISO Diameter
  • 700c Diameter
  • 110 psi Max
  • Published weight: 370 grams avg.
  • Folding Bead
  • Made in Japan

The perfect tire for:

  • Polo skid stops
  • Urban fixed gear bikes
  • Long-wearing road tire
  • Top of the line commuter tire

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jim Baack

This is the worst tire I have ever ridden on. It was not round at all, and gave a horrible ride over 17mph. Anything less than 17 it was not so noticeable. This is the second Panaracer tire I ordered through you. The other one I ordered 3-4 months ago and had it as a spare if I needed a new tire quickly. I put both of them on at the same time and both of them were out-of-round and gave a horrible ride. I readjusted the tires and tubes several times with no change. I road on them for about 150 miles and the ride never did improve. I finally replaced both tires with the brand I have used for years, which happen to be cheaper than the panaracers and they ride smooth.
This is not a ding against your web sight or store; your shipping has been great. The panaracer tires, the type I purchased, are just bad.

CheukFuJeffrey Wong

Feels really smooth and significantly lower rolling resistance from my old schwalbe tire.

Steven Hanson

Little tough stretching the bead onto the rim for us do it yourselfer's! Been using these tires for years on our Trek Bikes! The Best Road tires yet!

Gary Haws

Third set on road bike. Great flat protection and excellent tread wear.

Anelia Hopkins

The tires were shipped very quickly and so far have given me a good ride.