Panaracer RibMo PT 26 inch Folding Tire

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Quantity: 2-Pack
Size: 26x2.0
Choose from 26x1.25, 26x1.50, 26x1.75 or 26x2.00. Available in Single or 2-Pack
  • 559mm ISO Diameter
  • 26" Diameter
  • Folding Bead
  • Made in Japan
  • 26x1.25 - 350g / 60-95psi
  • 26x1.50 - 460g / 45-80psi 
  • 26x1.75 - 530g / 35-70psi
  • 26x2.00 - 560g / 30-65psi

RiBMo PT features a Protex puncture resistance technology: delivering 2X the puncture resistance of Kevlar belted technology. That, along with 800D poly mode cord, which has 2X the strength of traditional tire cord, makes for a very durable urban tire.

The perfect tire for:

  • Polo skid stops
  • Long-wearing road tire (PANARACER makes Soma's Everwear tire and uses the same technology in their own RiBMo tire!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

RibMo stands for ride bike more and I could not agree more. I finally wore down my front tire down to the threads on the sidewall, after over 3 years and 9,000 miles! I go through 1 a year and 3,000 miles on the rear tire on my commuter bike and have used these tires exclusively for 4 years. Great road hazard protection, except for 1 wood screw that went through the tread and the tube protector strip inside the tire that I use.

John Chang

Replaced my old aging tires with these and I could immediately feel the difference. When I had my old tires they felt mushy and it was more work to pedal. The ribmos have very low filling resistance which makes it feel so much better on pavement. I've tried it on gravel and dirt as well with not many problems, but this tire is optimized for city riding.