New Old Stock Yakima Assorted Q-Clips for Bike Roof Rack

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Type: Q17

Barcode: 736745006174

These Yakima Rack Clips are new old stock items that are in great shape.  

No Q Tower is complete without custom fitted Q Clips. Sleek stainless steel design minimizes interference with your door seal, while the custom fit and accompanying base pad connect securely to your vehicle.

In 2016 Yakima began transitioning away from the Q-Tower system and to their new Base Line system. Most new model year vehicles made in 2016 or later will only use the BaseLine system

If you are looking for a Q-Clip fit for your vehicle first click here to check Yakimas advanced Fit Guide, if there is a Q-Tower fit it will be listed under "Historical Fits".

If you have Q-Clips and are wondering what vehicles they will fit you can use the attached spreadsheet to sort the clips and see what vehicles they will work with.  Many vehicles will use two different clips, so you will need to sort by both front and rear clips to see everything a specific clip fits.

These are designed to fit your car like a glove

  • Designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Essential to mount Q Towers.
  • Sold as one pair (2 needed for most applications).
  • Pricing is based on cost and scarcity