Mr Control TRST CroMo 3/32" Pro Track Cog and lockring

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Teeth: 16t
  • Cold-Forged Chromoly Steel for the highest durability
  • Heat-Treated for super strength
  • Nickel Plated for a long lasting beautiful appearance
  • Drilled body for weight reduction
  • 3/32" compatible (works with 3/32" and 1/8" chains)
  • 1.37x24 tpi cog
  • 1.29x24 tpi Left-hand thread lockring
  • 7mm wide cog
22t - 86g
20t - 69g
19t - 66g
18t - 58g
17t - 52g
16t - 44g

Images used are stock images for representation only. 16T-19T feature a single row of drilled holes, 20T-22T feature 2 rows of drilled holes.

Mr. Control is famous for it's high quality, meticulously machined, and extreme testing of its products. They are known for incessant testing and multiple inspections before it gets to the customer. They not only test and inspect in their own state of the art manufacturing plant they send it out for EN (European Norm) testing at Cycling and Health Industry R and D Center (in Taiwan) and after that test they send it out of the country to be tested at EFBE in Germany to reach the high international standard that Mr. Control and their customers expect.