Kenda Schrader Tube 26x2.40-2.80

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Barcode: 047853053319

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Fits 26x2.40, 26x2.45, 26x2.50, 26x2.55, 26x2.60, 26x2.65, 26x2.70, 26x2.75 and 26x2.80 tires

  • Standard Schrader Valve (32mm Length)
  • Butyl rubber seam sealed tube
  • 559 / road ISO Diameter
  • To keep price low tubes are shipped bulk without boxes
**Special return policy for inner tubes** Tubes can only be returned because if a manufacture's defect is at fault – separation a bond at a seam or valve joint. A tube can not be returned due to a puncture, improper installation or tearing at the valve joint.