Kenda Schrader Valve Tube 29x2.00-2.40

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Valve Type: 35mm Schrader

Barcode: 047853053302

  • All tubes are mold-cured (vulcanized) to ensure uniform roundness and improved reliability at the valve stem.
  • Each and every tube passes a stringent 100% quality control inspection.
  • 622 ISO Diameter
  • Butyl rubber seam sealed tube
Kenda here for more than 50 years to stay
Many rubber manufacturers come and go, quality is suspect because the name on the box or the tube changes from year to year which means there is no need to put out a quality product because they can just change names when reviews go negative.

    **Special return policy for inner tubes** Tubes can only be returned because if a manufacture's defect is at fault – separation a bond at a seam or valve joint. A tube can not be returned due to a puncture, improper installation or tearing at the valve joint.