Schrader Valve Tube 26x1-3/8 37-597 or 37-590 ISO

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  • 35mm Schrader Valve
  • Fits 37-590 and 37-597 ISO

This tube will fit both 597 and 590 ISO or 26x1-3/8 and 26x1-1/4 sizing.  26x1-3/8 (590 ISO) is common for most English 3-speed, department-store or juvenile 10 speed.  26x1-3/8 and 26x1-1/4 (597 ISO) are common in Schwinn "lightweights" or older British sport and club bikes, respectively.  If your tire is an "S-6" then it will take a 26x1-3/8( 597 ISO).

**Special return policy for inner tubes** Tubes can only be returned because if a manufacture's defect is at fault – separation a bond at a seam or valve joint. A tube can not be returned due to a puncture, improper installation or tearing at the valve joint. 

Customer Reviews

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Roger Daniels
Great Service

I’m always looking for quality replacement parts for the vintage Schwinn bicycles I restore at a fair price. Bikesmiths have been a great source for the tires and tubes that I need.

Steven Blansett

Seems cheaper quality than others

Martin Patt

Product arrived on-time as promised, and in good condition

Marda Abrams

Was received and shipped in a timely fashion.

Michael St Louis

I’m riding with the same type of tube on the front as well as the back. The tires inflate perfectly and run smoothly.