Park Tool DT-3I.2 Dial Indicator for DT-3

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  • Bolts directly to the DT-3 rotor truing gauge allowing greater accuracy and a way to measure results
  • Requires the use of the DT-3 to hold the gauge to the TS-2/2.2 stands
  • Now includes an elongated, cylindrical tip that is large enough to work around voids in most rotors
  • Made in the USA

Thanks to it's well constructed design in diagnosing alignment issues and measuring results, the DT-31.2 provides highly accurate and detailed readings when you need it most. The DT-31.2 attaches via bolt to the DT3 making it easy to read as you work. Equipped with an elongated cylindrical tip which is large enough to work easily around the voids found in most rotors plus the convex / concave spacer system allows it to be placed level against the rotor for more accurate readings. By spinning the rotor you can show it's lateral run out on the easy to read dial and when the total variance is defined, you can move the dial to your optimized position and your target variance set.