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VP Components VP-R76 Look KEO Style Clipless Pedals

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  • Body: Engineering Resin Thermoplastic.
  • Axle: 7mm Boron Steel.
  • Bearings: Ball bearings.
  • Adjustable tension (60~90kgf-cm).
  • Cleat: VP-ARC5 & VP-ARC6 7 degree float.
  • Size: 82 x 92 mm.
  • Published Weight: Only 232g per pair, excluding cleats.
  • Weight: 232 g/pr.
  • ARC6, features 7 degrees of lateral float.
  • 100% Keo compatibale.
  • Front and rear of the cleats can be changed separately for EXACT and quick replacement.
  • High traction walking surface.

These pedals are tough, reliable Look-KEO style clipless pedals ideal for commuting, endurance riding or road racing.  Their composite body construction are light, stiff, and durable. The wide pedaling surface is stiff and light, providing exceptional efficiency and power transfer, plus ensuring durability while minimizing weight. The adjustable spring-tension also makes these pedals ideal for riders new to clipless pedaling systems.

VP's innovative new ARC6 split cleat delivers top-level power transfer and can be easily replaced in EXACTLY the same position on your shoe every time.  Thanks to their patented split cleat  you can maintain proper cleat placement and maintain the fit that delivers your best power and performance.  The VP-ARC6 is designed with high traction walking surfaces and the most stable interface available anywhere.  Features 7 degrees of lateral float.