Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip

Brand: Tri-Flow

Product Code: 911106

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  • Far exceeds the performance of competitive lubes under heavy load, high wear, and extreme temperature
  • Reduces breakdowns and extends the life of bearings, joints, hinges, cutting tools, cables, gears, and chains
  • Formula is nonstaining and safe on metals, wood, plastics, and rubber
  • Works in all conditions
  • Includes straw for pin point accuracy

Tri-Flow?ÿSuperior Lubricant is the superior, light viscosity lube that allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts. The drip bottle application, with a convenient straw, allows for deep penetration in hard to reach moving parts. High-grade petroleum oils provide optimum lubrication under extreme temperatures (-60 to 475?øF) and humidity. Formulated solvents soften and remove dirt and contaminants, while special additives displace moisture and prevent rust and corrosion. Formulated with P.T.F.E (teflon).


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