Boeshield T9 4oz Bottle Wax Lubricant

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  • Lubricant / Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Solvent Base flushes out old lubricants.
  • Penetrates deeply to thoroughly to coat inner pins and rollers on chain.
  • Dries to a clean paraffin wax film so dirt will slide off.
  • Larger 4 ounce version
Also great for maintaining all the moving bicycle components (and most other things) like:
  • Chain
  • Derailleurs
  • Brake Cables
  • Shift Cables
  • Caliper Pivots
  • Seat Posts
  • Inside Frame (Rust prevention)
One Step Application: Clean, Lubricates & Protects
Spray on and wipe off. Boeshield T-9 will dissolve itself and flush out any other lubricant. For best results soak thoroughly and allow 2 or more hours for complete penetration. Then wipe off all external residue.

Completely Waterproof
Once dry, Boeshield T-9 will not wash off in rain, puddles, and mud. Water washing will remove sand, dust, and grime, but not T.9.

Helps keep chain clean
After wiping, Boeshield T-9 will dry quickly, leaving no sticky film to gather dirt and mud.