Nokian Suomi T217081 27.5x2.1 Studded Tire - Single

Brand: Nokian

Product Code: 590036

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  • Dual rubber tread makes for a resilient tire
  • Designed for snowy and icy bicycle paths for city bikes.
  • 22 TPI?ÿ
  • PSI: 35-65
  • Tough steel bead
  • 62 Studs with Carbide tips
  • Size: 27.5" x 2.1 (650b x 2.1")
  • ERTRO: 54-584
  • Bead: Wire
  • 58A Non-Toxic rubber
  • Published Weight ~ 1040g each

Nokian tire (tyre) from Nokia, Finland?ÿbegan?ÿproduction in 1932.?ÿFamous for its winter tires for all vehicles from trucks to bikes, Nokian operates the only permanent winter tire testing facility in the world.

Nokian Suomi in Finland has been manufacturing studded tires for Winter cycling since 1974.?ÿ With the potential for?ÿ snowfall from October through May, bicyclists in Finland are a rugged group demanding studded tires from Nokian Suomi; the most prestigious winter tire manufacturer.

Winter tires from Nokain Suomi are based on the knowledge of superior experience and winter conditions, unique tire manufacturing technology, environmentally-friendly natural rubber compounds and superb skill regarding carbide tipped spikes.

Break-in advice for Suomi Studded Tires:?ÿRide approximately 30 miles (50Km) on road surfaces during the break-in period. Avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking. Only careful break-in will ensure that the tires and studs are optimized


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