Rock-N-Roll Gold 4oz Lube

Brand: Rock-N-Roll

Product Code: 720204

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  • Dramatically improves pedaling and shifting
  • Runs quiet
  • Creates a wet membrane that seals out water and dirt leaving a super clean chain
  • Cleans and lubes all at once
  • Size: 4oz Bottle

How To Get The Best Results From Rock-N-Roll Gold:

  1. Shake bottle well before applying.
  2. Apply a stream liberally to rollers of chain while backpedaling?ÿ(a stream, not a drip)
  3. Get the chain wet
  4. Cycle chain for 5-10 seconds to distribute lube
  5. Wipe off the excess?ÿthoroughly
  6. Store and apply lube between 40 &120?§ F.


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