Kenda Presta Valve Tube 700x20-28

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  • Fits 700x20, 700x23, 700x25, 700x28 
  • Premium Kenda Butyl Rubber Seam Sealed Tube
  • 32mm standard length Presta valve
  • Presta valve is threaded for a secure fit to the rim
  • Fits road bike tires and rims drilled for presta valve
  • Shipped Bulk w/o boxes

Kenda here for more than 50 years to stay
Many rubber manufacturers come and go, quality is suspect because the name on the box or the tube changes from year to year which means there is no need to put out a quality product because they can just change names when reviews go negative.

    **Special return policy for inner tubes** Tubes can only be returned because if a manufacture's defect is at fault – separation a bond at a seam or valve joint. A tube can not be returned due to a puncture, improper installation or tearing at the valve joint. 

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    Matthew Dama

    When I went on line to order bicycle related items on ebay and my tires arrived two days later from a local vendor I decided that was enough to not only make them my one and only supplier of bicycle related items I went a bought a new Cannondale from them. They have my repeat business in that I purchased a bicycle from them about 10 years ago as well. How ironic that mail order has brought us back to shopping local!