Elite Warm Up Oil 150ml

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An oil-alcohol solution with ultra fast absorption, specific for self massage and containing ozonized sunflower oil. It will reduce warm-up times prior to a competition, especially in the cold season, while oxygenating at the same time the treated area. The basil, oregano and rosemary essential oils grant the product balsamic and energizing properties and produce a strong heat generating action immediately after the application, with a sensation of warmth being maintained throughout the performance. Nice!

  • Best used for Cycling, water sports, soccer, skiing, Bodybuilding, Track and Field
  • Intense warming sensation keeps you warm in cold elements
  • Reccomended to be used before physical activity to speed up the warm up phase
  • Spread genoursly?ÿ massaging vigoursly and kneading the muscles
  • Absorbed in a matter of minutes
  • This product contains Capsaisin which may be uncomfortable to those with sensitive skin
  • Do not apply after a hot bath or shower
  • Avoid getting product in eyes, mouth, nose, and mucus membranes


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