Park Tool GP-2 Glueless Patch Kit

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Barcode: 763477003768

  • Six patches with sandpaper in a neat little carry along box
  • Works great on Mountain, Road, Hybrid and Kids Bikes
  • Clean and lightly sand area with included sandpaper
  • Make sure tube is dry before applying GP-2 patch
  • Peel off protective backing and apply GP-2 to area pressing firmly
  • Dimensions ~ 1.5 x 1.5 inch (3.81 cm x 3.81cm)
Park Tool worked with 3M to produce a self adhesive tube patch that stretches, flexes, twists, and turns right along with the tube. No messy glue, no bulky packaging. Lightly roughen tube with the included sandpaper, clean, apply patch, and you're ready to go.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Matthew Yang

      The patches look good. Since it is named as "tool," therefore, I'd expect to see it to come with some tool for replacing new tubes and tires.

      Richard Wagoner

      I was doubtful that this would work … it’s too easy. Too vulnerable to coming off without special glues or heat. Nope … no concerns at all. Worked perfectly! Highly recommended.

      Calvin Hummel

      I've used these with good success.

      Dennis Jewell

      Can’t get the patch kit at my lbs so I like how the bikesmiths have every thing I need. The patch kit works great with little effort. Been using the patches for years.

      John Leitch

      haven’t used it yet